enchantedsouls asked:
hahaha it's amazing how I can relate to EVERYTHING you post. keep it up man, and stay lifted!

Thanks, and no doubt about that.

winnietheham asked:
just followed and love this fucking blog. my best friend and i were really high one time and we went to the kitchen to get food and im soo hungry. I get like half way through making my sandwich and im like to him "dude i cant stand up i need to sit down". I stop making the sandwich and just sit on the floor in the kitchen for like 10 mins monging out. he was just laughing at me looooooooooooool

That has definitely happened to me.

Anonymous asked:
Dude this one time we got hella high & one of my friends was getting hella paranoid and we convinced him that the weed had been laced with crack & he started tripping so bad he thought he was disappearing. We literally made fun of him for days after that.


Anonymous asked:
Haha I agree, west coast! I live in bc as well. Vancouver area. Best weed hands down.

You know where it’s at.

Anonymous asked:
What province do you live in? Just curious.

British Columbia.
West coast is definitely the best coast.

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predman99 asked:
If your having weed problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but a toke aint one HIT IT! Ps congrats on 99 post love this blog. Keep it sleezy and toke up

Thanks man!

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Hey guys, so I just went through something devastating and probably won’t be posting for a bit.

I’m sorry.

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